Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some early Winter 08 Anime Impressions

It's a new season of Anime in Japan and I've watched multiple episode 01s of various series. Thus a quick run down of how I feel.

H20 ~foot prints in the sand: This has definite potential so long as they put enough focus on the promising story. I have hopes it will turn out well.

Rosario + Vampire: This should be called Rosario + Panties + Vampire. A very bleh first episode and all it had going for it was Moka who now that I think about was just a pretty face anyway. I will not watch anymore of this.

Aria the Origination: Same feel as the previous seasons. Thus I'll stick with it.

Spice and Wolf: It has me interested, so I'll see how things go. Wolf Girl, I definitely like.

Minami-ke Okawari: It's not bad, it's just different. That's how I feel right now. I'll continue to see how things go, but it's decent so far.

True Tears: This is definitely a series for me and I'm already quite fond of Noe Isurugi. I'll have to remember to pay close attention to this one.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Night Wizard / Sketch Book ~Full Colors~/ EF ~A tale of Memories~

Among the shows that I'm watching that are part of the fall season three of them truly stand out for me. Any of them could fall apart yes, but right now at least they're so worth it. I'll go through them one at a time with an image related to the said series above it. Night Wizard the Animation is a series about a girl named Elis who discovers she is a Wizard and given the task of collecting Jewels as part of a mission to defeat a dreaded enemy. It's the type of show that's considered generic and yet it works. Probably in part because it is generic. I can be relaxed while watching. It's just got this aura about. Plus I rather like Anzelotte, but I've grown to love Bell Zephyr even more. She's just totally awesome and you can see her in the above image. Note that she's on the right with Rion to her left. Sketchbook ~Full Colors~ is a very relaxing series about a girl named Sora who goes to an art club at her school. The members of the club are quite fun to watch and it just has that feel that puts one at ease. It has to be one of my favorites of the season. Ah yes the girl in the picture happens to be Asaka Kamiyu who is quite cute. EF ~A tale of memories~ is a mixture of three separate and yet connected stories. It has bishoujo, romance, drama, and can be a bit artsy in terms of the images. It's very interesting series that quickly grew on me. It's just simply amazing and I continue to wonder how these threads they set up will be resolved. So yeah it deserves a definite place in my top 3.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucky Star

I've recently finished a series known as Lucky Star. Essentially it's mixture of comedy, parody, and slice of life. It stars a girl named Konata and focuses on a variety of other girls. All of which are awesome in their own way. The show has a relaxing feel to it and is very steady in terms of its flow. It also has an addictive opening song. One that I've watched way too much. Hopefully the series will get licensed by a decent company. I'd be very interested in how a potential dub would turn out. In any case while I like all the girls in general. The one I'm most partial to would be Misao. She's pretty. I love her fang. The tan looks good on her. Plus her voice is just very cute and quite attractive for some odd reason. Hopefully her English voice will be the same way. She better have an English voice. Ah yes the waiting game for a license begins.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The changing of the guard in a series.

To explain what I'm talking about, I'll use Pretty Cure. Pretty Cure introduced us to Honoka and Nagisa. They became the established leads of the series. After which we got the direct continuation Pretty Cure Max Heart which added Hikari to the mix. However then came Pretty Cure Splash Star. Which was akin to an alternate universe where we got two new girls Saki and Mai. The next Pretty Cure which starts the story over yet again in another alternate is called Yes! Pretty Cure 5! and has of course five new girls this time. Nozomi, Rin, Urara, Komachii, and Karen.

Changing of the guard can be rather tricky. People get used to the older cast and are very suspicious of the newer cast. However I'm going to be blunt here especially in terms of Pretty Cure that in many cases changing the guard is for the best. Simply because you can't drag out things forever.

Seriously I love Pretty Cure/Pretty Cure Max Heart. I'm extremely fond of Nagisa , Honoka, and Hikari as they've given many great moments. However there are only so many times they can essentially repeat the process. Plus with the way Max Heart ended any continuation would have ruined things. Especially since the ending more or less finalized things in my view.

Sure there is the idea of just increasing the size of the cast. Which can indeed work in some cases. It certainly does work for Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha which is an awesome series. The size of the cast did indeed grow quite a bit in StrikerS. Yet from the episodes I've seen of the series they manage to both focus on the old and the new characters rather well.

However in the case of Pretty Cure and some others series it's better not to have the old cast compete with the new cast. Simply because it only leads to one over-shadowing the other in the long run. In other words it can be far more effective to create a clean slate. Have it so the past series is the older cast's moment of glory and the current series is the new cast's moment to shine. Hence why the right decision was made with Pretty Cure Splash Star and Yes! Pretty Cure 5!

Then again as a person who has played several RPG series where two games in the same series can have completely different casts I've probably become used to the idea of the changing of the guard. I'll admit there will always be part of me that wants to see more of the past characters, but I'm also glad to meet new ones. Besides I figure it this way I can always re-experience something again. Ie re-watch an anime, replay a game and you get the idea.

As long as I am on the subject of Pretty Cure I'll provide a link to the image that show the various Pretty Cures that have appeared and by that I mean all of them that I know of. So you have been warned. In any case just click here

The return to being active? Even if it means talking to myself.

I'll admit I've been rather lazy about posting to the blog, but I've more or less decided I should actually start discussing things again regardless of who may be reading. Perhaps I feel inspired or more likely I'm bored. In any case I'll mainly stick to discussing stuff along the lines of video games and anime as per usual. Granted it's hard to say how long this active thing will last. Maybe I can think of at least one thing to post besides a claim I'll be more active. Finally I don't expect to play catch up and discuss everything I've done during the hiatus, but I expect to be a bit more open about things in general. Besides I think forced catch up will back fire. So in short I'll see where things go. Also think of this as a test post.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sasami Magical Girl Club Episodes 1-10

As a good way of testing out my blog, I'll speak a little bit about this series. Now mind you I've been watching it untranslated and relying on for summaries of the episodes. So I can't really get into details. However before that the above image is of Anri Misugi if you need to ask. In any case I have to say I absolutely love this series. Now let's go through a few things. This series was deemed as "terrible" before it even aired. Due to the younger designs and the fact it wasn't going to be a clone of Magical Project S or Pretty Sammy OVA. To that I say good. Granted I love Magical Project S although the OVA was meh. In fact I'd love to see more MPS. However that's only if it's going to be a second season. If they are going to start yet another alternate universe. Which SMGC is. Then I say they may as well actually make it different and not just rehash things again. In this way we get a nice change of pace. Instead of just Sasami and Misao, we get three other girls added to the mix. Tsukasa, Makato and my current favorite Anri herself. I like her in let's just say multiple ways. Misao actually gets a role besides being a depressed tool of someone else. If anything it's good there is no Pixy Misa in this series because she'd over shadow everyone. One thing to note is this. The series seems to be less about being a magical girl, but rather instead about learning to be a magical girl. Rather than start off in the first episode "transformed" and destroying "love hating" demons of darkness. Instead Sasami eventually along with the other girls become part of a club to get guidance from Washu in terms of their magical abilities. I do worry how the series will end. Especially given that there are only three episodes left and there is a chance they may try to bite off more than they can chew in the remaining three episodes. However if they manage to keep things focused and let the conclusion be something reasonable in context. This will turn out to be one of my favorite series of this season.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 7 Final Thought

Well this has definitely become one of my favorite series of 2005. Now don't get me wrong. It's not flawless. For one thing it should have been 26 episodes. It's definitely hurt by the 13 episode format. If the series had been 26 episodes, it would have felt less rushed in some areas. Plus they could have focused a bit more on the back story. Finally Lucky 3 wouldn't have been a one shot deal. Or maybe they still would have been. Okay flaws aside, I love the series. It's rather fun to watch. Plus it in some ways it felt like a nice change of pace. From the fact the harem is already established to the fact the main female is not the one kicking ass and taking names. I also happen to like the over all cast. My favorite character in terms of the seven members of Happy 7 is of course Kiku Sarasugawa. In terms of Lucky 3 it's Mimi Masuko. Simple as that. Now then I just need to wait and hope the series gets licensed by someone with a heart. If it does get licensed it will be extremely high in my priority list. In some ways I think this series was made for me. I'm definitely glad that I was motivated to watch it.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Grandia, La Pucelle Tactics and Backlogs of EVIL

After putting the game off for years literally I finally finished Grandia. Yeah it's silly, but work with me here. Over all the game was decent. Not great mind you but decent. The battle system was rather nice. I also liked the cast of characters. I just wish the game was less "linear" and there was more Sue in the game. Okay more Sue and Leite. Since those two were my favorite in the game. I'll decide who I like better later. Also I've started on La Pucelle Tactics. What can I say? I've wanted to play that game for awhile. What can I say? I sort of liked Rhapsody. Disgaea was nice. I also liked Phantom Brave. So go figure I'd want to try La Pucelle Tactics. So far I like the game, but like Disgaea and Phantom Brave it will probably have a lot of focus on stats which can get tedious. Although in the end it's all about Prier. She's awesome. Nothing like hearing her say "Repent", "You suck", "Confess", and etc. Either way I definitely have a decent size back log of games to complete and/or ultimately decide to never finish. Thousand Arms, Suikoden, Grandia 2, Romancing SaGa (5 Quests Left), Lunar 1, Lunar 2, Evolution 2, Wild Arms, Wild Arms 3, Dragon Quest 8, Xenogears, Xenosaga 2 and a bunch of other stuff. Problem is motivating myself to play certain games and I reply some stuff too much. Heh the back log is only going to get larger.