Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rin & Nadeshiko = Favorite Winter 2018 Couple? (Yuru Camp Episodes 1-6)

Rin and Nadeshiko are one of my favorite pairs of the season right now. A lot of it has to do with how they've been developed over the course of the  six episodes that I've seen so far as of this blog entry. First, we start off with Rin becoming curious about Nadeshiko after seeing her sleep. Which then leads us into Rin helping a Nadeshiko that's in despair. This results in both a thankful Nadeshiko and a Nadeshiko interested in Rin's hobby which is camping. Thus Nadeshiko wants to spend more time with Rin and try out camping a bit more as well. Nadeshiko is essentially making herself a part of Rin's life now.

Indeed the two do start spending more time together (with some help) and it becomes clear that Rin is starting to enjoy Nadeshiko's company more and more. In fact, I'm reminded of those pairs in fiction where the main premise is the two just need to get used to each other to like each other. Except often times in those stories they go out of their way to make that scenario seem implausible, Thankfully both Rin and Nadeshiko are framed in such a way that this feel plausible. For one, they don't make Rin super anti-social and hateful. For two, Nadeshiko is never prevented as super annoying either.

I feel another thing that helps their relationship is their time spent apart. We're shown that while Nadeshiko is part of Rin's life now, she's still allowed to have her own separate life from Nadeshiko. She's essentially been given room to breathe.  Plus let's be honest the scenes of just Rin alone are some of the more relaxing moments of the series anyway. So while I wouldn't want her alone all time, seeing Lone Rin on occaion is actually kind of neat. As long as it's in dose of course.

 We also get to see Nadeshiko spend time with others Even better the two she's spending time with have their own group that camps. Thus showing that Nadeshiko has become legit interested in camping and isn't only doing it as an excuse to be with Rn. It makes her interest feel genuine and not sueperficial. That's not to say Rin played no part in motivating Nadeshiko, just that it shows that Nadeshiko can enjoy camping beyond "Because Rin does it".  

On the subject of being both together and apart, I love how episode 5 framed things with the scene near the end where both Rin and Nadeshiko were taking pictures of different skies or if you want to get technical the same sky from different view points. I'm not sure how to explain this, but it feels symbolic of their relatiosnhip especially near the end of the episode when the two of them are show side by side. As if to say they're together in spirit. Definitely one of the moment that raised their standing in terms of ships/pairs/couples of Winter 2018 for me.

Still what really saeals the deal for me is the scene in episode 6 where Rin is happy about Nadeshiko's happiness. Happiness that came from Nadeshiko getting a present from Rin. So we've gone from a Rin curious about Nadeshiko due to her sleeping on a bench to a Rin that's become fond of Nadeshiko's presence. This doesn't mean Rin rants to be with Nadeshiko 24/7, but it's clear Nadeshiko is now a part of Rin's life that she likes having around at least on occasion. I think Rin will always want her alone time though. Then again you could argue that's teue of many people.

So there you have it, this is at the very least one of my favorite pairs this season. At best there are only two maybe three other couples I feel as invested in as these two. Sure using the term couple in some cases is a bit of a stretch, but I still think of them as such. Or it could just be wishful thinking. Either way the growing relationship between Nadeshiko and Rin has been and will hopefully continue to be one of the best aspects of the Winter 2018 anime season.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Etrian Odyssey 5 (5th Stratum Party)

So been awhile since I talked about Etrian V Head Canon and what I decided for each party. So let's talk about the fifth party now. For the fifth and final party, I decided to have it so the 3rd stratum and 4th stratum parties clashed and the end result was a party formed from the survivors of both sides. Also once more Annie and Chikane have changed look and classes.

Fencer Annie
                       Decided to have Annie return to being a fencer. I tried to think of another class for her, but felt her returning to her roots was best. So just assume after she was "healed" she returned to her training and decided to redeem herself. Also darn it, I paid $2 for a School Girl portrait, I'm using it. Yes, I buy DLC sometimes, thanks for asking imaginary being.

Harbinger Hanami
Hanami pretty much was key to winning the fight and is considered the leader of the new party for that reason. She's blond this time because she died her hair and because I felt like changing her look a bit for this final party.  Oh and just assume she's wearing contacts. Yes, I love being able to change on the fly the colors of the hair and eyes for characters in my party.

Necromancer Mikuru 
Mikuru gets to be in the final party because I need my Necromancer and because she's Hanami's girlfriend. Changed her hair to white because uh stress? Not really too much to say here. I just want to continue death/death.

 Rover Rena
Like with Hanami, Rena also died her hair for the heck of it. She's part of the final party since I wanted the adopted sister to survive and because I wanted a Rover on the team for Stratum 5 and maybe 6 if/when I do that. I like the concept of the Rover and feel she fits well with the team.

Botanist Chikane
So Chikane's days of being evil are over thanks to Mikuru's efforts and Annie's pleas. I figured since I used Warlock and Necromancer portraits for her before, I'd use the base celestian portrait. I also made her Botanist because I wanted a healer in the game and I've only used a Botanist once before.. And for the record, she's still paired up with Annie even after the evil influence has gone away.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The WInter 2018 Anime Watch List Part 2 (The Best Of Them)

The following Five Series are pretty much the favorite five of the season and they are mostly ranked. Ie 5,. 4, 3, and to a lesser extent 2 could probably switch places.  However unless things drastically change, my number 1 series is a lock this season and some of you already know it. However let's go ahead and reveal the important five aka the best. 

Mitsubushi Colors (2 Episodes)

The main selling point for me aside from liking cute girls in general is Kotoha. She has a 3DS, she's evil, she has blue hair, and she's divine. Evil can be divine too.  Yui (Timid Miu0 and Sacchan are both good as well, but  neither can hold a candle to our Queen err best girl Kotoha. So for cute girls and especially for Kotoha this will be one of the highlights of the week for me.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san (3 Episodes)

Episode  2 and 3 saved this show for me. For which I'm thankful because a show combining blond girls and ramen (a higher level food for me) is something that I'd rather not have to pass on. The show seems to have found its balance between ramen worship, cute girl worship and character interaction. Here's hoping it can keep it up and the rest of the series will be closer to episode 2 and 3.

Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho (3 Episodes)

I love this series for several reason. It makes good use of drama. The character interaction is great. However most of all the way it started was refreshing. Too often the big decision feels too forced, in that it doesn't feel like a choice. This time around, they made sure it felt like a choice. Thus our main character is not robbed of her agency. So her interaction with the protagonist is made even better because of it.

There is some worry. After all, it can be hard to keep it up for 12+ episodes. Also there is the concern of whether the destination will be satisfying. However for now it's an amazing journey. One worth being a part of it. From a distance of course.

Yuru Camp (3 Episodes)

This series is living up to its name quite literally. The relaxing nature of it is good. Also good is the developing relationship between Nadeshiko and Rin. Some of the moments they had need the end of episode 3 were quite special to me. In a sense, they're one of my favorite potential pairs of the season. Oh and the show gets automatic bonus points just because it reminded me of  another series in episode 3. No prizes for guessing what show that was. Crossover, please?

I do look forward to hipefully the group in general coming together, but my main motivation will be Rin and Nadeshiko.  Only downside to a show like is that it sometimes not much happens so it can be hard to find stuff to say. Still worth watching regardless.

Slow Start (3 Episodes)

By far my favorite series of the season. Helped in part by the premise, the interaction between the main girls, and most importantly Tama being Tama. She's pretty much enchanted me with her tama like powers. Also shipping her with Hana leaves me wih positive feelings. So for that reason alone I must with great bias choose this as the series for me. If I had any worry about it?

Well, I do worry they might be too slow to confront some issues and even when they finally start to do so, they could end up handling it in a lack lsuter way. Hopefully that won't be the case. For now I am going to have a lot of fun watching the show and hoping for as much Hana/Tama fuel as possible.


So there you have it, the five most important anime of Winter for me. Better than the rest and definitely better than those shows I put on hold because too much to watch and shows I dropped because they were terrible or at best only passable. I would say Winter is off to a good start for me.

The WInter 2018 Anime Watch List Part 1 (The Rest Of Them)

So after trying so many series this season, I've settled on 13 shows this season. For this entry, I will talk about 8 of those shows. Treat these 8 series as not ranked in any particular order. In a sense, they are "The Rest". Next ime I'll talk about my five favorites this season aka the best.

Kaijuu Girls S2 (2 Episdodes)
It's pretty much just an excuse to see cute girls in Kaijuu based outfits, but it works for what it is. Plus it's short so it's not a huge investment. The 2nd season pretty much has our lead 3 girls having gained some experience, meeting other Kaijuu girls, etc. Only downside is because the episodes are only 3 minutes, the short bonus segment by default is only seconds....

Dagashi Kashi S2 (2 Episodes)

This time around the episodes are only half length, but it's for the best. Especially if they have no intention of moving anything forward and just want to focus on the main two appeals of the series. Which are Hotaru's sexuality and talk of candy. Yeah, that's pretty much it, but hey it's part of my diet this season.

Toji no Miko (3 Episodes)

The first episode felt like they were trying to rush through a 3 episode set up arc in only a single episode, and that's not the only issue this show has. However I was sold on the show near the end of the episode. Or to put it another way I am interesting in Kanami's relationship with Hiyori. As well as how the whole party comes together as indicated by the opening and ending.

Violet Evergarden  (2 Episodes)

I doubt I'll talk about this series much, but the way they're handling the premise so far does have me interested in seeing how things develop. For now anyway. Shows like this can run the danger of becoming too depressing or becoming too reliant on their premise. So here's hoping for the best.

Marchen Madchen (2 Episodes)

First episode sold me on the series because of Hazuki's narration, some of the set up and other aspects. Second episodewas both an upgrade because we get to see Hazuki interact with other girls especially her "better be future waife", but also a downgrade due to setting up a tired premise. But maybe this will be the anime that actually handles that premse well? Or at least doesn't let it ruin everything else.  Regardless, I'll definitely keep watching for Hazuki and the other girls for now.

Hakumei to Mikochi  (2 Episodes)

It's no secret I have a love for tiny girls. By tiny I mean think fairy sized, pixy sized, etc. So a show like this is already winning points with me. To make it even better, thhe two lead girls are pretty much married.  Yes, I know there is always a chance that a later episode might ruin my fantasy err reality, but I'll take what I can get for now. The interaction with other members of their own species and animals can be nice too. However the main appeal for me is their daily life together.

Takunomi (2 Episodes)

The second episode is what sold me on the series. First wasn't bad, but it was mostly set up. However the second allowed for the girls to interact more and give us a better view of our protagonist. Also, I'm thankful that unlike a certain show, this show doesn't use drinking to make people feel uncomfortable.  As a half length show and because I dropped a lot of series, I'll be sure to "walk" each and every episode.   Yes,  I mean "walk" not watch in this case.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san (2 Episodes)

One thing that helps this show is that while Takagi is pretty much the girl that teases the guy she likes, she's doing so in a manner that's actually endearing rather than cruel.  On top of that some of the anime will be dedicated to the trio who by the way have their own manga. Thus this can allow occasional breaks from the formula.  For the record, I have noticed that Takagi looks like Iori from Idolmaster and now I want a parody series where Iori teases Yayoi out of love.


So there you have it, these eight series ranging from decent to good help round out the season for me. Some of them might be dropped over time, but for now I'm sticking with them. I wanted to rank them, but I'd spend days trying to do that. So accept the list for what it is.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Experiencing Vs Consuming Aka Watching Too Many Series

So one of the major issues I have each season is I watch too many series. The end result of this is I eventually start auto-dropping some shows. Not in the sense of declaring the shows as dropped, but more in the sense of I just stop watching them and never (yet) get back to fnishing them. Even among the shows, I do keep watching, something else happens.

Some of the stuff I watch becomes like an experience in their own way. Maybe not as always a positive experience, but an experience. Sometimes on a deeper level too. Yet I am starting to realize quite a few shows I'm just consuming. They're there to be watched and nothing more. This isn't always a bad thing if kept in check.

However the more shows I decided to "keep" watching because they are consumable aka good enough the harder it is to keep up with everything. I don't expect to live tweet about every single show I watch, but the more shows I watch the fewer I can actually discuss. The more diluted things become.

I do know I need to cut back yet I keep making excuses for myself to keep watching some shows. Often the excuse is "Yes this is trash, but it has one cute girl in it"  or "I liked a nano second of the opening that's got to be enough reason, right?"  Sure for some shows a single girl can be a good enough reason. Other times that reason fails miserably. It just depends on what type of role she has vs how bad the show ruining characters are.

As of current I am up to 17 or so shows being watched this Winter 2018 Anime Season. That's out of 20+ shows tried, probably closer to 30+. 17 shows might not seem like a lot and this is after cutting out quite a few series. However I can't help but feel I'm still conusming for the sake of consuming. Problem though is I'm not always sure what I'm actually consuming rather than experiencing or vice versa. I can see myself being tricked by the moment.

Another problem is that sometimes seeing for myself is both a good and bad thing. Because I "see for myself" it can lead me to finding in enjoyment in shows that others sometimes seemingly "drop before they even air" or give up too quickly on. It can also prove to me that just because X, Y and Z are from the same mold doesn't mean there are no difference between them or one can't be the good among the bad even if the bad often outweighs the good by default,

However because of this, any time I'm time trying to decide "Do I keep going with this?" there is always a voice saying "Sure this might be yet another Absolute Duo, bu it could end up being a World Break"  World Break, Fafnir, and Absolute Duo were 3 similar shows that aired in the same season. Duo was the bad show,  Fafnir was the average show, Break was the decent show. However even Break still had its issues. So one could argue even World Break failed to cut it. Especially if you have what I don't, standards. The point being is I dig through too much trash to find gems and even if the show isn't exactly trash sometimes show is still not excactly up part.

The vacuum effect is another issue. In which I seem to be watching each show as if there is nothing else competing for my tune. Sure on some level, I realize the more shows I watch the less time I have for each. However I rarely stop to think about that when I decide "Might as well watch another episode". This starts to add up and eventually I ended up deciding to watch later or decide to skip live tweeting because I have so much to rush through.

The final issue is while I might claim "Don't follow the crowd for the sake of following the crowd" and "Don't be defiant for the sake of being defiant", that sometimes does happen to me. I both want to try series because others are watching them and try series that others are shunning to give them a chance. For the former maybe I'm just curious to see what makes it click with people. For the latter maybe I want to be the one that finds the gem?

To wrap this up, I am admitting to what everyone already knew. That I watch too many series each season. That because of it, I'm ultimately consuming series as if they're background noise rather than experiencing them as shows to discuss. So I do need to cut back. The problem is figuring out in a way that allows me to keep some individuality and doesn't backfire on me either. Ie I set the type of goals that you set only because you plan to break them anyway.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Favorite Of The Year That Stands Above The Rest (2017 Anime Favorites)

So I watched quite a few series during 2017. Some being much better than others and some far worse. However when all is said and done there is one series that stood out to me. Was the series from Autumn? Was it from Spring? Was it from Winter? The fact I only asked about three seasons here makes it clear it was a series from Summer. the remaining one. The Winning Series of 2017 for me was a series that's a spin-off of a show that I watched previous. Yes, the series in question is.....

Hina Logi: From Luck And Logic

I already had an interest in this series because I actually do like aspects of Luck and Logic. It's just that not every aspect was a winner. I won't get into every good or bad point except to say that the original series was a mix. Thankfully this spin-off had a lot more good for it and a lot less bad. Also it helps that as a lead, Lion is far better than well either lead in the original series. Both the guy and the girl were to be honest kind of boring. Original was carried more by the rest of the cast,

I was sold on Lion from the start and she gets some pretty good interactions with her friends, her family and her love interest. Meanwhile the rest of the cast had good interactions among themselves too even when Lion wasn't involved. Main frustration was how Yuuko treated Mizuki. I could never tell if Yuuko was essentially trying to toy with Mizuki and mess with her emotions or if Yuuko was just that selective in terms of being dense. Still I'd like to think maybe there's hope for their future.

On the subject of relationships, watching Nina and Lion develop as a couple by itself provided enough motivation for me to keep watching this. You can pretty much guess what one of my favorite moments between them was by the image above. That episode was good in general. It even managed to take a problematic concept and make it work. Or at least make it less of a problem than usual? Either way the good aspects of the series in general make up for the few negatives it might have had.

Lion's first outfit shown and the general use of it was another moment that sold me on the series in general. Actually I like quite a few of the outfits from this series. Also some from the parent series which might be part of the reason I finished that.  Ok, not every outfit was a winner and I'm sure some are too "servicey" for some, but as whole they worked.

I could go on, but let's wrap this up by saying this much. After looking back on what I watched of 2017 Anime, I came to the conclusion that Hina Logi was the series I evenjoyed the most as a whole. It was something to look forward to each week. Sure it failed in some areas, but then again some areas it wasn't even competing anyway. Still for now (until I change my mind 3 months later), Hina Logi is best anime with Nina and Lion being one of my favorite pairings for 2017 too.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The 4 Strongest Autumn (2017 Anime Favorites)

Autumn 2017 might in fact be the hardest of the seasons to decide a favorite four for. Mostly because the shows I had to compare were trying to do different things. Plus I always felt kind of bad no matter what show I ended up putting in the foruth slot because there was always an alternative competing for attention. Seriously this was a strong season for me with some decent surprises. Ultimately after a long period of second and seventh guessing it came down to the following four.

I was drawn at first to the series by the visual style. I figured at the time even if this had ended up being a weaker series of the season, it would at least be nice to look at.  The first few episodes of the series were about what you'd expect. Set up episodes and example episodes of the format it's based on.

However pretty soon the series started to delve into the subject of creativity and things related to it like originality and copying. We also got some well timed nightmare fuel and some interesting speeches about the whole process. We also got a Shrimp. Well, you can't win everything I suppose. Then again one could argue the Shrimp himself qualifies as nightmare fuel anyway.

What also helps the series is the role of the main trio. Each of them had a purpose both in terms of story progress and the mesage the show was trying to send. Then you had Misa herself who served the purpose of representing those who needed to learn the lesson. In fact, Misa's role is part of the reason the show worked.

Sadly one downside to the show is that it often felt padded out. Like they wanted to end an episode on "Point B" and in order to make sure they didn't reach Point C by mistake they'd drag out how long it would take to go from Point A to Point B in the story. This made a couple of episodes suffer as a result. Still the episodes in question did have their moments.

Konohana Kitan

Let's get the negative out of the way first. While I do enjoy the episodes about the "Guests of the Week" and they do serve a good purpose, I wish more time had been spent on Yuzu and Satsuki's relationship, Or heck the relationships in general. Ren and Natsume got so many moments. Still I'm glad to have gotten the "Guests of the Week" moments anyway because some were quite touching.

Still we know the moment the show truly became good. When it introduced the Doll of the series, Okiku (or whatever she wants to call herself). I pretty much took an instant liking to her in part because I do like Dolls. Sure they can be creepy, but anything can be creepy when drawn to be so.  In all seriousness, I wouldn't mind a series of shorts focused on her doll like adventures in the world.

Over all this series was very good and it was definitely one of the shows to look forward to week after week. Hopefully the series ultimately does end on a good note for the various pairings the show has set up. Not that I have an idea how far along the manga is. Nor do I have any confidence for S2.                           

Love Live Sunshine Season 2                   
This series to be honest on occasion tries too hard. In fact, it reaches the point where I almost expect them to pull back the camera and reveal the entire thing was actually a stage play. Regardless, at least it's trying too hard to have a positive message as opposed to any of the far worse alternatives that they could have gone with. Like trying too hard to be super negative about everything.I definitely don't need another. No, if I say the name of the show it will haunt my nightmares again.

I will admit I had some early worry for the series because once again it was time to reyccle the same issue from last season. Thankfully they resolved the issue in a way that actually feels kind of grounded.  The direction they went in ultimately justified that plot thread happening again.Plus it made the final episode a lot better than it would have been otherwise.

Also it helps this season that Ruby got to shine. She even got a love interest who by the way got one of the best outfits I've seen during a musical number in the series. Seriously Leah has such a good outfit her and she's amazing in general. Hence forth she gets to represent the series. Yeah, I' have no ulterior motives here. Seriously though Ruby has a girlfriend now. Dreams come true.

 Blend S
We come to the final of the four that made the list. The cast in general is "wrong", but I think the fact they're wrong is part of the point. None of them are meant to be perfect whether it's when they wear their masks for the sake of the Cafe or when they act at their true selves outside of their work settings. They're all flawed in some ways. Ways that can be fun and yes ways that are sadly rather bad...

I like the characters in general, but I think my favorite characters are Kaho's boobs. Ok being serious here, while Kao is great the real girl of the show for me was Mafuyu. Yes, I'm choosing the jaded girl that's toally older than she looks (We promise please don't arrest us) Not that I have room to lecture them due to liking her type of character. Never said I had moral ground to stand on.

Sometimes the show could say things that made me shake my head. Especially when the Manager talked. Yeah, he's probably the weakest character of the series. Even if you compare just the guys, the other two guys in the show are better. So it's not my bias towards girls here. At least not alone anyway.  That being said on rare occasion even the Manager got a decent moment in the show.

Finally, let's mention Maika herself. Her smiles alone wouldn't mean much. It's the actions she took while trying to smile that really sold it. Be it actions she took that could be misread as evil or actions that were in fact evil, but she herself wasn't able to figure out that was the case. Now if only Maika could have a better love interest for herself. Not that I have any idea who I want her paired up with.

So the Autumn 2017 was pretty good. I actually had a hard time finalizing the last slot. In fact, it was always the last slot that was the problem. I wonder why. I know why, don't answer that. Still with this entry, we now only have one more to make about Anime 2017. The entry where I focus on my favorite show of the year. Which is of course not going to be mentioned in this entry.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The 4 Strongest Summer (2017 Anime Favorites)

Ah the Summer Season, the season of my birth. Thus it's important to me that at least some of the shows that season be good. Ok, I want shows in every season to be good. Regardless, I did manage to find quite a few shows to watch. Granted some of them in retrospect were a waste of time. It took awhile to narrow it down to four, but the following were the highlights of Summer 2017 for me.

Isekai Shokudou

The premise and set up the series was great because it allowed for a balance between the two worlds in terms of focus.  The Fantasy World is allowed to shine the nature of the fact each episode or half episodes focused on a few characters where we learn about them. Our World (Anime Version) gets to shine thanks to the resturant being a primary location and the fantasy characters reacting to it.

Some of the stories were better than others, but to be fair some of that might be down to my own biases. Hint, I'm more interested in Faries thant Dwarves. Athough even some of the character types I care less about on occasion managed to get some decent arcs. Such as the forementioned dwarves.

If I had a down side for this show. It would be that I wish Aletta had a larger role in it. In fact, I was starting to feel some level of disappointment due to her role seeming so small. Still we eventually did get more Aletta and some of the episodes made it clear why the set up the series had was for the best.

New Game!!

The previous season of New Game was one of my favorite series and this second season not only lives up to the first but surpasses it. It managed to take the groundwork set up by the first season and capitalize on it. Many relationships in the show got the push forward they needed and quite a few characters got some much needed development as well. There was some definite pay off.

For me the highlight of Season was probably Nene. Not just because the idea of her and Umiko as a couple is awesome, but even on her own Nene was an impressive character. Her arc is probably my favorite of the series. Or maybe it's just the one that got my attention the most. Take your pick.

Then there is also Aoba and the challenges she had to through this season. It was definitely emotion and you could really feel for her.  Sometimes I got rather frustrated over things, but it's the type of frusrtration I think you're meant to have. Kind of like when you're meant to hate the villain or cheer the heroine. If anything the challenge of this season is what helped make it stand out more.

Princess Principal

The first episode by itself to be honest wasn't that great. It got its job done as an example episode, but that was about it. Thankfully the second episode was a lot better and after that the series managed for the most part to keep up the momentum. It made good use of jumping back and forth between the time line.

Ange and Charlotte are one of the stronger pairs of the season too. The further in the series we get the better the pairing gets.  Meanwhile the rest of the girls help round out the cast and get several chances to shine. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with Beatrice beause of reasons.

Battle Girls High School

I will concede the first episode was cause for concern. We're essentialy thrown into what feels like the start of Season 3. We get introduced to so many characters at once. Then near the end we have the "New Girl" who had potential to overshadow everyone else and make the rest of the cast pointless. Thankfully some worries were unfounded. Key word is some.

For one thing, Misaki while problematic at first grew as a character. Other characters were allowed to shine and they even used the fact we're starting from a figurative Season 3 to their advantage as some characters were able to get good moments through flashbacks. Yes, I know some people don't like flashbacks, but it works here.

Sadly through the "villains" were kind of meh. I get what they were going for, but they just didn't sell it right. Granted one could argue the villains are mostly just there to be something for Misaki to deal with and thus provide a motivation. Even so they were disappointing.

I will say one of my favorite aspects of the story was the reveal on exactly who Misaki is and her over all role. Both because it's amusing and since the main girl to pair Misaki with is well Miki it raises so many questions.

It took a lot longer to finalize this list than the previous two seasons combined. Hopefully Autumn will be easier. Hint, it's definitely not going to be. At least I have some idea what my favorite show of the year is and I think some already figured it out by process of elimination.