Friday, October 05, 2018

Favorite Summer 2018 Anime (One Cour Only)

What follows are my four favorite series of Summer 2018. Note for this list, I am only including series I've finished and series that have finished airing as well. I'll talk about "On Going Series" in anotther entry, maybe, If I actually finish it. For now, let's talk about these four shows.

Jashin-Chan Drop Kick On My Devil

This is by far one of my favorite series of the season. Yes, it has a premise that can get tired. Plus sometimes certain negative character traits go too far. However there are occasions during the series, that characters rise above the premise. Leading to some strong moments. Especially between Medusa and Jashin. Also it has the most "tragic" character ever. If you've seen the series, you know who I mean. Seriously, people need to watch this.

Yama no Susume Season 3

I'd like to say this series keeps getting better each season, but I need to refresh myself on season 2. Regardless, three seasons isn't enough. We need four, five, six, etc. Even more so since at best we only get half-length episodes. I;d like to see how this show would work as fulll length episodes. Ok, let's talk about season 3 itself and not just my dreams for more episodes of this.

Season 3 has a lot of  moments that reminded me as to why Aoi and Hinata are one of my favorite couples (or at least pair of friends). I'm especially fond of the imagery provided in episode 5. Both due to one of my favorite subjects and the shipping potential it had. The arc near the end did frustrate, but not in a bad way. Plus it did have some rather effective pay off near the end. My point is I encoruage people to watch this. (I knew I'd sneak that in some where!)

Planet With 

What makes this series work so well, especially in the long run is how it handles its themes. Usually you'd expect such themes to be handled from a place of arrogance, but Planet With handles them from a place that feels more respectful to me. It also has a pretty good relationship between family members and for once "family" actually means family.

Seriously, the show is worth checking out. My only regret is how long I took to finish it. Sadly, I wasted too much time watching "bad" shows (and not bad in a good way either) that I should have dropped much sooner.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

I feel like nothing I can say would do this show justice. Plus I am not an expert on well any type of theater, let alone the type this show is based on. However I can say from my perspective this much. The relationship aspect of the series was great. In fact, for me it was the main highlight. Sure, I prefer some relationships more than others, but all were good. Good both in the sense of how each relationship was showcased and good in the seense of what was added to the over all narrative.

What seals the deal is the finale. A finale that's impactful because previous episodes were used well.  That and the show generated some interesting discussion too.  I will admit that helped elevate make my opinion on the series. See, it can be good to talk about shows and not just passively watch them.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Spring 2018 Anime Final Thoughts

Save for long term series, I am pretty much done with Spring 2018 Anime. Thus this will be my final update. Before I begin with the shows I've finished or plan to continue in Summer, let's start with a show that's been added to the dropped pile at the last moment.

Amanchu Advance  (11 Dropped)

Before episode 7, I was mostly positive about this series. Then the problems started. My TL would talk about bad stuff the manga did. 7-9 was a terrible arc. 10 as a return to form, but then  11 ruined everything. No matter 12 might do the damage has been done. Also, let me be clear, even with context (as in actually watching the series) I can't accept what happeend in 11. In fact context makes it worse in some regards, No images because err I want to represent how empty I felt after episode 11.

GeGeGe No Kitaro (12 Continue)

To make a long story short, sometimes I will fall behind on this. However Mana, Neko Musume, and sometimes interesting lore will keep me coming back. Mostly though it's all about Neko Musume being Neko Musume. If you want a long story, just assume I spent 20,000+ words praising her existence.

Love To Lie Angle (12 End)

On occasion this series had some fun moments. I was especially focused on stuff concerning Konomi. Sadly the three minute format hurt the series because while it had "moments", nothing could ever come of those moments. Both episode 11 and 12 introduces scenes that would have been capitalized on in a longer series. Even a half length series. In the case of this series? Not much comes of them other than a reminder of who the challengers are and the fac our  protagonist won't be deciding for awhile. Basically the issue is it feels like something is missing here.

Alice or Alice (12 End)

I can't claim the show is good, but I still had fun with it. What? Sometimes like fluff. Even if that fluff is objectively trash. Plus I like the twins a bit. If I was going to give one criticism aside from "Fanservice = Bad", it would be that sometimes even the fluff felt a bit rushed. 

Uma Musume Pretty Derby (13 End)

Who knew horse girls could make for such a decent series? I mean it was sure to provide plenty of pony tails, but the rest was up in the air. Each week was made special thanks to how the relationship between the girls. Special Week and Silence Suzuka make for good rivals if nothing else. I will admit I didn't have much to say each week, but I definitely found it a worthwhile watch.

Hinamatsuri (12 End)

Whether a segment focused on Hina, Anzu, Hitomi or even Mao, the show managed to provide the viewer with an over all fun experience. Ok, fun might be the wrong word in some cases. Still this ended up being one of the stronger series of the season. If I had to choose, I think I grew most parital to Mao and Hitomi for reasons.  It's hard not to feel for Hitomi. She has to deal with so much.

Kiratto Pri☆chan (11 Continue)

Some episodes I'll have to rewatch later if possible. For now I can say the series continues to be fun over all. Even if I do prefer some other long running series more. Before you ask. Yes, Anna being Anna is still a major reason I watch this. She does red so well.

Toji No Miko (24 End)

Why does thsi show exist? Why is it two cour? Questions asked of this show and the show answered them pretty well.  Sure it had a rough start, but once it got past that, the show kept getting better and better. The second cour which spring covers had moment after moment. The growing relationship between Kanami and Hiyori alone justified the series. I loved seeing these two bond over time.

Hugtto Precure (20 Continue)

Emiru and Ruru has become one of my favorite pairs in the Precure Franchise. So much was done right with these two. From how they met, to experiences they had together to the timing. Plus their theme of Song and Dance. They basically show me why I like relationships. Which is watch two characters complete each other. They're like the perfect symbolism for this. One of my favorite series of the season. Which I can probably say two more times this year  if the quality keeps up.

Aikatsu Friends (11 Continue)

Before this series started airing, I wonder what they meant by "friends" and after episode 11, I think I fully understand  now. That moment was awesome. Or rather I should say moments because there were at least a few good ones in episode 11. Not to mention in previous episodes as well. I look forward to how the various pairs develop over time.

Comic Girls (12 End)

The journey of Kaos was an amazing one. She is pretty much my favorite character of the season for both cosmetic and characterization reasons. On top of this the intereactions she has with the other grls and the other girls have with each other help elevate the show. So many moments in the show made for a fun and sometimes strong experience. This started as and ended up as my favorite series of the season. Not sure if we'll ever get a second season , but at least the first was amazing.


That should covever everything.  Any other Spring shows not mentioned are as of this time dropped.  Not opposed to one day giving shows another chance, but my general rule is this. I'd rather focus on what is coming next season. Which means the fun of trying to decide what Summer Shows to watch in the first place.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Spring 2018 Anime Thoughts

Having both dropped some series and caught up with others, now is a good time for my feelings on the Spring 2018 season. This is focusing on the 10 shows I'm still watching and on occasion tweeting about. It also includes long terms series which make up 1/3 of my list these days. So the series as follows.

Low Tier
Love To Lie Angle  (8)

The series has definitely gotten better since the first episode. It's still not that good of a series due to the limits of the format, but it flows better now. Also Konomi is amazing. I can't help but root for her. Plus she's just the most appealing girl in the show.

Alice or Alice (7)

The trash show of the season for me and I can't help but feel they saved best girl for last. I can't recommend this show to 150% of my TL, but I'm still watching it for reasons.

Toji No Miko (19)

The second cour still has some issues to work out, but it does feel like its existence has been justified. I do like what they're doing with some of the characters. Other characters, let's just say I hope they get punished and don't get off easily.

Mid Tier
Amanchu Advance (7)

While I did hear some issues with the manga, it's the anime I'm watching. For the most part the anime has been pretty solid. I especially like the things episode 6 implied even if they did a last minute "save".  Also I'm not sure what to think of episode 7. So there are things holding the show back. However I still have a desire to see more of it.

Umamusume Pretty Derby (9)

Confession, I fell behind on this series because I was watching too many shows. So you can blame it for the fact I dropped some series. I'm glad I did. Both in terms of dropping shows and  catching up with this show. It's a strong mid level series. Also just seeing that type of phone is enough of a bonus.

Hinamatsuri (7)

This series has been one of the best experiences of the season for me. It's just that some other shows are more to my "interests". Still I'm quite enjoying seeing the progress made by each of the three main girls.  Even the episodes lacking in powerful moments serve their purpose to set them up.

High Tier

Kiratto Pri☆Chan (4)

Anna is amazing! There you have the main reason why this show has jumped up my list.  I would be more caught up wiht the series just for the sake of Anna, but err reasons.

Aikatsu Friends (7)

Aikatsu has been one of my favorite franchises for awhile and Friends has done a very good job of keeping that a fact. Aine has some nice moments in the series and she interacts with wonderful girls. Plus she has a tried and true method of making friends. Just trust me on that.

Hugtto Precure (16)

I was already enjoying the show thanks to the Precure factor and how solide the first cour was. However thanks to both the Lulu stuff and the Emiru potential this show has only gotten better. Granted how much it will continue to do so depends on how they handle these two long term. In other words, please my biases Precure!

The One Above All

Comic Girls (7)

By far my favorite series of the season. I'm a fan of anime based on moe 4 koma manga. Heck I like comic strips in general.  I've become interest in the type of journey that Kaos is going through. Also Kaos is one of my favorite characters this season. It's like she's almost tailor made to catch my interest. Even better, the other characters have been great too. Sure there are flaws to this show, but Kaos makes me biased. She makes forget the issues the show has. Not sure if that's good or bad though.


Please pretend to be surprised by some of these choices I've made. Seriously thought Spring has been a good season for me and it can only get better. Both due to actions I've taken and stuff I'm expecting to happen during the second or so half of the Spring season. May your life be filled with Kaos.

Sprng Anime 2018 Dropped Series List

 As indicated several times, I could try these again down the road, but for now I am removing them from my plate. I can only tweet about so many shows. Plus I need time to game and time to write terrible stuff that only I'm going to read. In any case, thisis what I've dropped between the start of Spring and now.

Fumiri Jikan (2)

Confession, I did skim later episodes to see if it got better, it technically does. However for a show claiming to be about girls, too much of it is about guys....I'd say in hindsight this is going to be one of those shows where at best you should only see select episodes.

Wakaokami wa Shougakusei (1)

Sorry, but this series had bad timing. Last season we had a protagonist do something of her own frree will. So having a series that boils down to "You have to because it's your burden, you have no choice" just seems even worse than usual.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl (2)

 A promising first episode, but then the main character became super frustrating and I decided to stop wasting my time

Tada-kun Whatever (2-3?)

This should have been an easy sell. Just focus on the pretty blond, but then the second or third episode introduced a bunch of annoyances. No, I do not care enough to double check where I lefto ff.

Persona 5 The Animation (2-3?)

I've ultimately decided I'd rather play the game and I'll play the game sometimes in 2025.

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori (6)

I like what I saw of it, but I don't feel like a full course of it.

Lady Layton (3)

I might marathon it later if/when I actually get around to playing the game. Me play games....

Kitaro (8)

This one is technical, I'm still watching it, but I'm dropping it from discussion. Problem is my main reason for watching  is  Neko Musume and I can already see a scenario of several episodes where her involement is minimal. Just pretend I tweeted praise about her.

Last Period (6)

After realizing that a few months down the road, I'll likely regret watching this if the show doesn't do anything with its premise, I've decided to give up on the series for now.

Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online (6)

The show might be goood, but I'm sorry. I just can't deal with that type of premise for now. In this case, the fault is with me. Think of the show as being spicy and me being like "too spicy".

Friday, March 30, 2018

Winter 2018 Wrap Up Part 3

So with this final part, we reach four of my favorite series to come out of the season. While each of them might have issues, in their own way they were the most enjoyable for me to watch and that's what I value most. Now on to the seires themselves now.

Slow Start
So many wonderul interactions in this show. Hana bonding with her friends. Eiko being well Eiko. It was nice to see everyone so supportive. Plus I love the Hana/Tama pairing a lot.  Every time the show provided shipping fuel,  I felt positive feelings. Hana and Tama need to get together. I think about the only thing I'm mixed on is how long they can keep the secret a secret. Side note, I also love how the side plot with Hiroe was handled.  Especially in the context of her limited screen time.

Mitsubushi Colors
Stand back would be evil for the ultimate evil is here! For there is nothing more evil than Justice Lolis! Seriously though they are kind of evil, but also kind of adorable. The show did have some issues like that one episode. Also the fact Sat-chan  needs to say that word a lot less often. Despite that the show was a lot of fun.  It became even better once Yui herself started to become well let's just say a bit more evil. Seriously some of her interactions with Sat-chan are quite amusing. 

If you're wondering, the best girl is Kotoha because reasons. Her hat habit, her hair, her 3DS, and just how evil she is. She alone was enough reason to keep watching. Of course, having Yui and Sat-chan both have their moments as well helped. Not to mention that the town in general is filled with some fun characters. Fun characters that often seem to love ot motivate dangerous girls....

Hakumei to Mikochi
This show is by far one of the best experiences for me. Hakumei and Mikochi are one of my favorite couples.  (Please never introduce a random dude that only exists to force hetero)  The fact they pretty much live together and are quite fond of each other is great. The world is imaginative and we got some pretty fun moments. The final two episodes also cemented the show as being of the best there is. Hopefully these have a long life together and even more hopeful we get to see more of it.

As for the supporting cast, I can't say I liked any of the characters as much as the leads (for once the leads surpassed everyone), I can say however they definitely added to the world and some of them were kind of fun. Konju if nothing else is pretty (blonds just work ,ok).  Plus without them some of the more fun moments couldn't have happend. So I appreciate their presence.

Yuru Camp
This series is pure joy, pure goodness, it's just pure a lot of things. It's by far my favorite series of the season. Mostly due to how both Rin and Nadeshiko were handled.  Not just in terms of their relationship with each other, but on an individual level.  It also helps that we had other characters to round out the cast and provide a pillar of support the series needed.  The more I think back on it, the more I realize just how well they handled the pacing. If I had any complaints, they were wrong.

The final episode of what better be season 1 of many just sealed the deal. Not to mention those last few scenes. The last few scenes showed so much growth and it was a great way to end things for now.  I'm not sure what the remaining seasons of 2018 will bring, but Yuru Camp is contender for anime of 2018 for me.

That pretty much covers it. Anything else I either dropped or don't want to admit to finishing. Plus to be honest anything not mentioned in this or the other entries is probably a mid tier to low tier show at best anyway. Regardless I'm (almost0 done with Winter, I want to move on to Spring now.

Winter 2018 Wrap Up Part 2

Next batch of Winter 2018 Anime. Yes, I know two of those are unfinished, but I highly doubt my opinions will change that greatly and if I don't make this entry now then it's never going to get made at this rate.


This is the third anime I've seen about a woman drinking and it's by far the best. Maybe it's because of the fact she socializes with other women and thus there's a bit of a back and forth. If I am to be honest they actually sell the subject well. Actually I feel like several shows this season were trying to motivate me in different ways.  This is far from being a top tier show of the season, but it was a pretty solid experience and I fully expect the final episode to end decently.

Toji no Miko (First Cour)

Hard to judge a show fully that's still airing, but what we got during the Wnter Cour of it was over all decent. We got some strong moments during the show. It has a good cut-off point too. In fact that's my main worry. Ie that the reason they'll choose for needing a second cour will be a bad one. Hopefully that won't be the case. Still if it is, I'll just pretend the show was only one cour. I can delude myself if need be, right?

Violet Evergarden

This show is filled with plenty of strong emotional moments and is very effective. So you'd think it would be top tier for me. Yet for some reason, it feels middle tier for me. Maybe it's because of how much it's competing with. Or I could be feeling fatigue with the show after 12 episodes. I'm not exactly sure why. Regardless, I don't regret having tried it or caught up with it. Although if there had been a second cour, I would have hesitated to watch more until it was over.

Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

One of the top five series of the season for me. I'm just amazed it managed to for the most part keep it up episode after episode. The interaction between the main girls really sold things. Plus it helps they were all given solid reasons for being on the journey.  Even Kimari's reason of wanting adventure was nice because not only did she make her own choice, she showed dedication. Which was a good change of pace.

Of the 13 or so shows I've seen this season,  this is definitely in the top 5. As for the rest of the top 5? That comes in the next entry. Which means people can pretty much figure out what the shows in question are by process of elimination.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Winter 2018 Wrap Up Part 1

Rather than wait for everything I'm watching to finish airing and have to make one huge entry, I'm going to talk about some of the shows I've finished now and break this into at least 3 entries, possibly more. For this entry we are going to start with series that definitely won't be making my top 5 in any shape or form. 

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 

Over all I enjoyed this series, but there were times I started to think the "main joke" had run its course. Let's just say that if this series ever gets a second season, it badly needs to mix things up more. Aka, I want the spin-off time skipp manga animated. Still Takagi is amazing so I don't regret finishing this. It's still better than some other shows I've tried.

Maerchen Madchen

I could have gone with an image of the protagonist or main, but I think this perfectly describes how I feel on the series. Don't get me wrong, I like aspects of the series, but between the real life production issues and some of the episode pacing it feels like a case of just missing the mark. Yes, there is still two more episodes, but their uncertain future doesn't exactly help matters. I didn't want to feel disappointed and conflicted by this show, but I can't deny that I do.

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

Sorry, just thinking how better this series woud have been if Misa had been the lead. Yeah, the show was fun at first and still had some ok moments. However both Yuu and Koizumi were problematic just for different reasons. Also I've realized as I get older some character types grow less and less fun. Not that they were fun in the first place. I will admit I've tried far worse than this, but this is probably near the bottom of shows I've finished where it's a fair comparison.

Kaijuu Girls S2

If nothing else this series had guts, in fact it had Alien Guts, both of them even. She was pretty much the main focus for S2 if you ask me.  As before you can only get so much out of a 3-5 minute per episode series. However for what we do get, it was fine. Yeah, I thought I could drop this, but apparently I can't. S2 definitely expanded on things with more characters. It would probably be hyperbole to say that Kaijuu Girls S2 is better than the other three shows mentioned in this blog entry, but it's tempting. Can I at least put it above the Ramen Anime? Not that I'm good at exact rankings. Next entry will come later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rin & Nadeshiko = Favorite Winter 2018 Couple? (Yuru Camp Episodes 1-6)

Rin and Nadeshiko are one of my favorite pairs of the season right now. A lot of it has to do with how they've been developed over the course of the  six episodes that I've seen so far as of this blog entry. First, we start off with Rin becoming curious about Nadeshiko after seeing her sleep. Which then leads us into Rin helping a Nadeshiko that's in despair. This results in both a thankful Nadeshiko and a Nadeshiko interested in Rin's hobby which is camping. Thus Nadeshiko wants to spend more time with Rin and try out camping a bit more as well. Nadeshiko is essentially making herself a part of Rin's life now.

Indeed the two do start spending more time together (with some help) and it becomes clear that Rin is starting to enjoy Nadeshiko's company more and more. In fact, I'm reminded of those pairs in fiction where the main premise is the two just need to get used to each other to like each other. Except often times in those stories they go out of their way to make that scenario seem implausible, Thankfully both Rin and Nadeshiko are framed in such a way that this feel plausible. For one, they don't make Rin super anti-social and hateful. For two, Nadeshiko is never prevented as super annoying either.

I feel another thing that helps their relationship is their time spent apart. We're shown that while Nadeshiko is part of Rin's life now, she's still allowed to have her own separate life from Nadeshiko. She's essentially been given room to breathe.  Plus let's be honest the scenes of just Rin alone are some of the more relaxing moments of the series anyway. So while I wouldn't want her alone all time, seeing Lone Rin on occaion is actually kind of neat. As long as it's in dose of course.

 We also get to see Nadeshiko spend time with others Even better the two she's spending time with have their own group that camps. Thus showing that Nadeshiko has become legit interested in camping and isn't only doing it as an excuse to be with Rn. It makes her interest feel genuine and not sueperficial. That's not to say Rin played no part in motivating Nadeshiko, just that it shows that Nadeshiko can enjoy camping beyond "Because Rin does it".  

On the subject of being both together and apart, I love how episode 5 framed things with the scene near the end where both Rin and Nadeshiko were taking pictures of different skies or if you want to get technical the same sky from different view points. I'm not sure how to explain this, but it feels symbolic of their relatiosnhip especially near the end of the episode when the two of them are show side by side. As if to say they're together in spirit. Definitely one of the moment that raised their standing in terms of ships/pairs/couples of Winter 2018 for me.

Still what really saeals the deal for me is the scene in episode 6 where Rin is happy about Nadeshiko's happiness. Happiness that came from Nadeshiko getting a present from Rin. So we've gone from a Rin curious about Nadeshiko due to her sleeping on a bench to a Rin that's become fond of Nadeshiko's presence. This doesn't mean Rin rants to be with Nadeshiko 24/7, but it's clear Nadeshiko is now a part of Rin's life that she likes having around at least on occasion. I think Rin will always want her alone time though. Then again you could argue that's teue of many people.

So there you have it, this is at the very least one of my favorite pairs this season. At best there are only two maybe three other couples I feel as invested in as these two. Sure using the term couple in some cases is a bit of a stretch, but I still think of them as such. Or it could just be wishful thinking. Either way the growing relationship between Nadeshiko and Rin has been and will hopefully continue to be one of the best aspects of the Winter 2018 anime season.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Etrian Odyssey 5 (5th Stratum Party)

So been awhile since I talked about Etrian V Head Canon and what I decided for each party. So let's talk about the fifth party now. For the fifth and final party, I decided to have it so the 3rd stratum and 4th stratum parties clashed and the end result was a party formed from the survivors of both sides. Also once more Annie and Chikane have changed look and classes.

Fencer Annie
                       Decided to have Annie return to being a fencer. I tried to think of another class for her, but felt her returning to her roots was best. So just assume after she was "healed" she returned to her training and decided to redeem herself. Also darn it, I paid $2 for a School Girl portrait, I'm using it. Yes, I buy DLC sometimes, thanks for asking imaginary being.

Harbinger Hanami
Hanami pretty much was key to winning the fight and is considered the leader of the new party for that reason. She's blond this time because she died her hair and because I felt like changing her look a bit for this final party.  Oh and just assume she's wearing contacts. Yes, I love being able to change on the fly the colors of the hair and eyes for characters in my party.

Necromancer Mikuru 
Mikuru gets to be in the final party because I need my Necromancer and because she's Hanami's girlfriend. Changed her hair to white because uh stress? Not really too much to say here. I just want to continue death/death.

 Rover Rena
Like with Hanami, Rena also died her hair for the heck of it. She's part of the final party since I wanted the adopted sister to survive and because I wanted a Rover on the team for Stratum 5 and maybe 6 if/when I do that. I like the concept of the Rover and feel she fits well with the team.

Botanist Chikane
So Chikane's days of being evil are over thanks to Mikuru's efforts and Annie's pleas. I figured since I used Warlock and Necromancer portraits for her before, I'd use the base celestian portrait. I also made her Botanist because I wanted a healer in the game and I've only used a Botanist once before.. And for the record, she's still paired up with Annie even after the evil influence has gone away.